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How Much Skip Hire Prices In Dorset

Skip hire is a popular option for businesses and homeowners who need to dispose of large amounts of waste. Whether you are renovating your home, doing a garden cleanup or have a construction project ongoing, a skip hire service is a cost-effective way to manage the waste you produce. Skip Hire Dorset is a skip hire prices company in Dorset that helps customers solve their waste disposal problems by providing affordable skip hire solutions.

About Skip Hire Dorset

Skip Hire Dorset, located in the UK, is one of the largest skip hire companies in the South West of England. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable skip hire services to both homeowners and businesses, ensuring that their needs are met. Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of eco-friendly waste management and aim to help customers dispose of waste responsibly.

We offer a range of skip sizes, from small skips for minor renovation projects to larger skips for industrial scale waste management. Our skip sizes range from two-yard skips to sixteen-yard skips, ensuring that our customers have the right size skip for their project.

Benefits Of Hiring A Skip

Hiring a skip is one of the most environmentally-friendly choices you can make when disposing of waste. Instead of dumping trash in a landfill, hiring a skip ensures that the waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly and responsible manner. Here are some other benefits of hiring a skip:

  • Saves Time: Skip hire eliminates the need for several trips to the dumpsite, potentially saving you time and money.

  • Saves Money: Skip hire prices are affordable, making it a cost-effective solution for waste management.

  • Safety: The hire company delivers and picks up the skip, ensuring that you don't have to handle heavy items or hazardous waste.

  • Convenience: Skips can be delivered and collected at a time that is suitable for you.

  • Waste segregation: Our team will take care of sorting the different waste types making it easy and eco-friendly to dispose of each type separately.

Skip Hire Prices in Dorset

The cost of skip hire varies depending on several factors, including the size of the skip, the type of waste, and the duration of hire. At Skip Hire Dorset, we offer competitive skip hire prices in Dorset to match your budget. We believe that our prices are affordable, making waste management easier for everyone.

Skip Sizes

Skip sizes are typically denoted in cubic yards and range from two-yards to sixteen-yards. Here are the commonly available skip sizes and what they are typically used for:

  • Two-yard skips: These skips are ideal for smaller renovation projects or garden cleanups, accommodating around 20-30 bin bags.

  • Four-yard skips: These skips are ideal for slightly larger garden clearance or small DIY projects and usually, hold around 30-40 bin bags.

  • Six-yard skips: These skips are perfect for more substantial home renovations, accommodating around 50-60 bin bags.

  • Eight-yard skips: These skips are ideal for large renovation projects or construction sites, holding around 70-80 bin bags.

  • Twelve-yard skips: These skips are suited for large construction sites or commercial projects due to their size and can hold around 100-120 bin bags.

  • Sixteen-yard skips: These skips are typically used in large construction projects or industrial use, with a capacity of about 140-160 bin bags.

Waste Types

Different types of waste incur different disposal costs; therefore, the waste type you have may influence the cost of skip hire. There are two categories of waste: general waste and inert or heavy material waste. Here are some examples of each waste type:

  • General waste: Mixed household waste, plastics, paper and cardboard, garden waste, furniture, and textiles.

  • Inert waste: Soils, hardcore, concrete, and construction waste, such as bricks and stones. These materials must be disposed of separately and cannot be mixed with general waste.

Duration of Hire

Another factor that can affect the cost of skip hire is how long you need the skip for. At Skip Hire Dorset, we offer flexible hire durations ranging from one day to a few weeks, depending on your needs. Hiring for longer periods will increase the cost of skip hire, while shorter hire durations are typically less expensive.

Ordering A Skip

Ordering a skip from Skip Hire Dorset is a simple and straightforward process. Customers can call us on 01202 287152 to discuss their requirements with our team, and we'll advise on the appropriate skip size and waste type for the specific project.

Alternatively, customers can visit our website,, to get a quote based on their requirements. Once you've selected your skip size and waste type, confirm the delivery postcode, and indicate the hire period. The cost of skip hire will be displayed on the website; then, follow the instructions to book the service securely online.


Skip hire prices in Dorset is an affordable and convenient way to manage waste. Hiring a skip from Skip Hire Dorset guarantees your project waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly and responsible manner. We take the stress of the waste disposal process from our customers and ensure that the skip hire experience is as straightforward and effortless as possible. Our team of experienced professionals will help you identify the correct skip size, waste types and guide you with all other relevant information you need to know about skip hire. Choose Skip Hire Dorset for all your waste disposal requirements in Dorset.

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